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Full Automatic Toilet Roll Paper Rewinding Machine OPZE-FJ-E 2000

Our full automatic toilet roll paper rewinding machine OPZE-FJ-E 2000 can optionally have double-sided embossing and gluing. Compared with single-sided embossing, it can make the paper softer, and the finished product will have the same effect on both sides, and each layer of paper will not fall apart during use. It is especially suitable for processing. Kitchen towels are rolled and the weight is reduced by 15% or more when making the same size finished product. The machine is equipped to process centerless, solid and roll toilet paper, which can instantly switch between products and can be selected according to user needs. Automatic trimming, glue spraying, sealing, and shaft extraction are completed simultaneously in an instant, so that there is no paper loss when the roll paper is transferred to the band saw for cutting and packaging, thus greatly improving the production efficiency and the grade of the finished product. The finished product has a paper tail, which is convenient Enable. Pneumatic belt feeding, rewinding reel and each axis of base paper have independent tension adjustment mechanism.


Specifications of Full Automatic Toilet Roll Paper Rewinding Machine OPZE-FJ-E 2000

Quantity13-25 grams (1-3 layers of paper)
Jumbo Roll diameterφ≤ 1300mm
Vehicle speed180-200m/min
Raw paper widthMax. 1950mm

(I) Unwinding part:

1. Original paper lateral adjustment device.
2. Two layers of raw paper frame: the unwinding frame uses 2 flat belts with width over 260mm and thickness not less than 3mm.
3.The unwinding belt frame owns the buffer cylinder pressurization, the whole machine gas pipe is not less than 8mm in diameter, the main gas pipe is not less than 10mm in diameter.
4. All pneumatic original device, adjustable air pressure.
5. The original paper frame must ensure that the original paper can be suitable for the use of diameter Max × 1300mm.

6. Unwinding frame is driven by an independent motor.

7. The host, the rewinding frame using the wall plate type structure.

8. The original paper left and right adjustment using motorized electric adjustment.

9. Pneumatic paper loading function.

(II) Rewinding device:

1. Core tube size: 40-80mm.

2. Finished product diameter: 90-260mm.

3. Original paper tube diameter: Ф76mm.
4. Spiral punching knife.
5. Punching pitch 90-180mm(can be customized).

6. Control diameter function.
7. Automatic paper cutting and spraying sealing function.

8. Counting section number function.9. Linear guide cutter.

10. Automatic drop paper tube function.

11. Automatic push paper roll function.
12. A set of crimping pattern (pattern provided by the customer)

13. Rewind using motor speed regulation.

14. Automatic kick material function.

(IV) The whole machine drive system device:

1. The whole machine adopts high strength screws.

2. Transmission adopts synchronous belt.

(V) Electrical control:

1. Operating panel adopts man-machine operation.
2. Adopt PLC GUI control.
3. Adopt frequency conversion speed control motor.
4. Power of the whole machine: about 18KW.
5. Three-phase 380v.

6. The whole machine is labeled in English and Chinese.

List of Full Automatic Toilet Roll Paper Rewinding Machine Main Components

1PLCdelta (Greek letter Δδ)
2Inverter T ChinaINVI
3Servodelta (Greek letter Δδ)
4Touch Paneldelta (Greek letter Δδ)
5SensorTaiwan FOTEK & Panasonic
6SwitchTENGEN China
7Intermediate RelayTENGEN China
8Circuit breakerTENGEN China
9ContactorTENGEN China
10Press buttonTENGEN China
11Emergency StopTENGEN China
13Aviation PlugChangcheng China
14Bearing NSK,NSK / FK China
15Pneumatic ComponentsAirtac
16Guide RailTaiwan HIWIN

Buyer's Own Bill of Materials 




Air Requirements

Customer's own needs

Air compressor (with dry purification)

Air Requirements


PU air hose

Power Requirements



Lubrication and maintenance requirements


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