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Factors Affecting the Safe Use of Paper Cutters

1. Brake device. In order to save money, many manufacturers use the circuit brake principle, that is, the upper and lower limit sensors cut off the power supply of the cutter motor to brake. This kind of device may cause "knife slipping" in the case of sudden power failure, loose socket, sensor failure, etc. Extremely dangerous situation. In order to prevent this from happening, it is necessary to use a motor assembly with a mechanical brake device, so that no matter what circuit failure occurs, the motor is locked to avoid accidents.

2. Principle of double button operation. This requires that the two buttons be pressed at the same time, otherwise the cutter motor will not move, which can ensure absolute safety of single-person operation.

3. In the actual use process, two people usually cooperate with each other to operate, so the situation becomes very dangerous, which requires the paper cutter to be equipped with front and rear safety covers. When the safety cover is opened, the motor will not move to ensure safety.

4. The above are the safety factors that affect the use process, so when you change the blade during maintenance and maintenance, use the knife holder to ensure that the blade edge is closed, which not only ensures the safety of people, but also ensures that the edge is not damaged.

5. In addition, the removed blade must not be left arbitrarily to avoid injuring people.