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Features Of Sanitary Napkin Packaging Machine

Features of sanitary napkin packaging machine:

1. Simple operation and large packaging range: Different products can be packaged by adjusting the size of the mold.

2. The machine runs stably, is sturdy and durable, and has a long service life: the drawings are originally designed in Japan, the structure is reasonable, the main frame is made of 12mm thick steel plate, and after aging treatment, the body is not deformed. The main electrical components are made of well-known brands from Japan and Germany, and are manufactured with precision to ensure high quality.

3. The surface is spray-coated, soft in color, comfortable in sense, hard in texture, elegant in grade, and wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant and anti-collision, suitable for long-term use in harsh and severe conditions.

4. The cutter has a long service life and the incision is beautiful: the cutter is made of high-strength and high-hardness imported materials.

5. Belt length, speed and temperature can be adjusted individually, which is convenient and accurate.

6. The machine can be packaged individually or in any group. It is a fully automatic packaging machine designed for assembly line operations and mass packaging.

7. According to the specific conditions of the product, an automatic feeding system can be selected to realize unmanned operation of feeding materials, and various forms of conveyors can ensure that the materials will not move or roll.

8. It can save you 5-10% of the cost of packaging materials: with our company's rich production experience, through special design, the width of the packaging materials used is 20-40mm narrower than the original.

9. After packaging, the product seal is linear, and the steel pattern is clear and beautiful.

10. The anti-cutting safety clutch device does not damage the packaging, so the overall efficiency is high.

Second, the advantages of sanitary napkin packaging machine:

1. A variety of sealing forms: reticulated, straight, vertical, pattern, etc.

2. Punching: aircraft holes, round holes.

3. The core of control and drive is composed of servo motor, programmable controller and large color touch LCD, which greatly improves the control accuracy, speed regulation range, reliability and intelligence of the whole machine. The locking of parameters such as cutting length and sealing temperature is more precise.

4. The new type of vertical sealing heating can seal at low temperature and reduce the amount of hot film on parking.

5. Various cutting forms: straight, corrugated, conjoined, etc.;

6. Positioning and parking (to prevent hot film)

7. Adopt imported PLC control

8. Servo motor drive realizes the feeding, film feeding, vertical sealing, horizontal sealing and output of the packaging machine, which simplifies the mechanical transmission system, makes the operation of the packaging machine more stable and reliable, and significantly reduces the mechanical noise and machine failure rate.

9. The operation, maintenance and daily maintenance of the sanitary napkin packaging machine are more convenient and simple, which reduces the professional skill requirements for operators. The user can set the packaging parameters of various products in the control panel, and only need to call up the corresponding data from the memory and execute it, and then the packaging operation can be carried out.

10. The AC motor is equipped with a frequency converter to realize infinitely variable speed control and can be dynamically adjusted during operation.