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Folding Machine Industry

The earliest folding machine industry standard in my country is the People's Republic of China Machinery Industry Standards proposed and compiled by Guangzhou Electric Power Research Institute in 1999: JB/T8962-1999 "Folding Machine" and JB/T8966-1999 "Folding Machine Safety Requirements".

These two standards were approved by the State Administration of Machinery Industry in August 1999 and implemented in January 2000. This is the first folding machine standard in our country. These two standards respectively stipulate the type, basic parameters, technical requirements, test methods, inspection rules, packaging, transportation and storage of the folding machine.

The safety requirements and test methods of folding machines are applicable to folding machines that can automatically fold flat fabrics such as bed sheets and tablecloths after drying or ironing. Obviously, this is the standard for bed sheet folding machines, and the standard for towel folding machines has not yet been formulated in my country.