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How To Install Cardboard Blocking For Toilet Paper Packaging Machine

The installation of cardboard blocking (also known as cardboard stoppers or paperboard blockers) for a toilet paper packaging machine involves securing the cardboard in a way that it prevents the paper rolls from moving or getting misaligned during the packaging process.

Prepare the Machine:

Before starting the installation, ensure that the packaging machine is powered off and disconnected from the power source for safety.

Identify the Correct Position:

Locate the designated areas on the machine where the cardboard blocking is intended to be installed. This is often in close proximity to where the paper rolls are loaded onto the machine.

Prepare the Cardboard:

Cut the cardboard sheets or blocks to the required dimensions. The dimensions will depend on the specifications of your packaging machine and the size of the toilet paper rolls being packaged.

Position the Cardboard:

Insert the cardboard blocking material into the designated areas on the machine. It's essential to position the cardboard so that it prevents any lateral movement of the paper rolls.

Secure the Cardboard:

Use appropriate fasteners, such as screws or bolts, to secure the cardboard in place. Ensure that the cardboard is tightly and securely fixed to prevent any shifting during operation.

Adjustment and Alignment:

Make any necessary adjustments to align the cardboard blocking with the paper rolls' path. This may involve fine-tuning the position or angle of the cardboard to optimize its effectiveness.

Test Run:

Conduct a test run of the packaging machine with the cardboard blocking in place. Observe the movement of the paper rolls to ensure that the cardboard is effectively preventing any unwanted shifting or misalignment.


Based on the test run results, make any additional adjustments or fine-tuning to improve the effectiveness of the cardboard blocking. This may include repositioning, reinforcing, or modifying the cardboard as needed.


Document the installation process, including any specific measurements or adjustments made. This documentation can be useful for future reference, maintenance, or troubleshooting.

Safety Checks:

Before resuming regular operation, perform a final safety check to ensure that all components are secure, and there are no loose parts that could pose a risk during machine operation.