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Production Process And Layout Design Of Soft-tissue Paper Packaging Machine

The soft paper packaging machine is a packaging machine, which greatly saves the packaging time, greatly improves the packaging efficiency, and the packaging quality is also very high. Therefore, many companies now choose to use soft tissue packaging machines. Then, let's learn about the production process and layout design of soft tissue packaging machines!

1. Production process of soft paper packaging machine

Start the main motor first. After the main motor needs to be started, the main motor will start the relevant mechanical transmission device on the equipment, and the printing motor and other electrical appliances will also start to work when in use. For example, heaters, compressors, compound pumps, etc. work.

Secondly, after the packaging bag is dried by the ink, it enters the cutter part, and the main cutter is used to cut the required bag length, and then it starts to enter the subsistence part. This requires the speed of the main motor and the front of the printing motor to be consistent, so as not to wrinkle the bag.

When the packaging bag enters the life, after gluing, gluing, heating, it enters the bottom part, and then goes to the next step after bonding with the bottom ribbon. Among them, the ribbon is driven by the bottom-mounted motor, which has a strict matching relationship with the main motor in speed, so that the bottom of the bag can be fit and qualified. After passing the bottom corner, it is sent to the part of the bag with a conveyor belt, and the quantity is controlled by a solenoid valve, and then sent out according to the required quantity.

In order to better reduce the in-situ stress and deformation of the parts after machining, for the more important and very complex parts, the natural aging and artificial service aging treatment must be carried out again after deep processing. Very fine parts such as indexing measuring and testing mechanisms must be processed for aging many times during the finishing process.

Quality assurance maintenance of soft paper packaging machine: Due to the inevitable deformation of mechanical parts, when the automatic vacuum packaging machine is overhauled, not only the wear of the mating surface should be checked, but also the positional accuracy of each other should be carefully checked and repaired. Therefore, when overhauling packaging machinery and equipment, reasonable maintenance standards must be formulated, and special measuring instruments and special fixtures that are simple, reliable and easy to operate must be designed.

2. Layout design of soft paper packaging machine

Soft tissue packaging machines and parts should not only consider the posture of the organization and how to maintain the compressive capacity of the parts, but also consider the bending stiffness, deformation of the parts and what kind of topics the parts will produce in the whole process of manufacturing, assembly line and application to design ideas. When designing soft paper packaging machinery and equipment, various parts can be effectively configured to improve the support conditions of parts and ease the deformation of parts; when designing mechanical parts, try to make the wall thickness of the parts uniform, which can reduce the temperature difference during the thermal processing process, exceeding the The actual effect of softening part deformation.

The above is the production process and layout design of the soft paper packaging machine. If you want to know more, please feel free to contact us!