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Program Control Paper Cutter

The program-controlled paper cutter is divided into three modes: stepping motor control, frequency conversion speed control, and AC servo control from the control mode of the paper pusher movement.

The stepping motor control and frequency conversion speed regulation control method can reach ±0.1mm on the positioning accuracy of the paper cutter pusher, and the speed can reach 8-14 m/min (the specific accuracy and speed achieved are dependent on the manufacturer's The control system and the selected electrical components will be quite different), but the noise when the stepper motor control mode is started is harsh, which is not favored by many paper cutter manufacturers and paper cutter users.

The AC servo control method has a great breakthrough in the quality and quantity of the positioning accuracy and speed of the paper cutter pusher than the frequency conversion speed control. The positioning accuracy can reach ±0.025-±0.015mm, and the paper pushing speed can reach 16-20 M/min (the specific accuracy and speed achieved will vary greatly depending on the control system used by the manufacturer and the electrical components selected).