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The Principle And Characteristics Of Bagging Packaging Machine

The principle of bagging packaging machine

The automatic bagging packaging machine is an automatic packaging equipment that combines pneumatic components with mechanical devices and is controlled by peripheral circuits such as PLC. The actuator of the device is a cylinder, which is controlled by a two-position, five-way solenoid valve to advance and retreat. The working position of the cylinder is detected by the magnetic switch and the proximity switch and fed back to the PLC. The PLC sends control commands to the solenoid valve of the corresponding cylinder through the program, thereby controlling the action of the cylinder. The packaged product can be sealed, moisture-proof and impact-resistant, and is suitable for tight packaging and pallet packaging of many items; the digital display computer can control the temperature by itself, with small temperature difference; reliable, low noise, and long service life;

Bag packaging machine features

During the shrinking process, the packaging quality is not affected, but it can shrink rapidly. The packaged product can be sealed, moisture-proof and impact-resistant, and is suitable for tight packaging and pallet packaging of various items.

① Direct heating by far infrared rays;

② Bag packaging machine has small volume, short preheating time and energy saving;

③ Electronic stepless speed regulation;

④ Shrinkage does not affect the quality of the packaged goods, but it can shrink and package well;

⑤ Applicable to the packaging of regular or irregular items.

Bag packaging machine configuration

The configuration of the bagging packaging machine mainly lies in the heat insulation effect of the heating tube and the whole machine, which is the key to directly affect the shrinkage effect and the service life of the whole machine. Heating pipes are mainly divided into:

1. Quartz tube: direct heating by far-infrared radiation, electronic stepless speed change, solid-state voltage regulator temperature control, stable and reliable. Quartz tubes were earlier used in R&D of shrinking machines, and were mainly heated by stainless steel. Our customers have proven that stainless steel heating tubes last 8-10 times longer than quartz tubes.

2. Stainless steel heating pipe: high-quality stainless steel heating pipe, internal two-way thermal circulation air, uniform temperature. The electronic speed regulator is adopted for speed regulation, and the conveying speed can be adjusted arbitrarily to ensure stable conveying and good shrinkage effect.

Suitability of bagging packaging machine

Packaging of glass bottles, styrofoam, cartons, toys, electronics, electrical appliances, stationery, books, records, hardware tools, daily necessities, medicines, cosmetics, beverages, fruits, commemorative labels and other items.