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What Does The Paper Towel Packaging Machine Speed Depend On?

With the improvement of living standards, paper towels have become our daily necessities. The output of paper towels has a lot to do with production machines, especially paper towel packaging machines. The speed of the tissue packaging machine depends on many factors, so what are the factors? Let me show you around!

Factors affecting the tissue packaging machine.

The structure and conveying method of opening and taking out box of tissue packaging machine:

In the past, the cartoning and unpacking structures of the tissue cartoning machine were intermittent, and the carton conveying was also intermittent. Intermittent mechanisms are not suitable for high-speed packaging because the system becomes unstable at increased speeds. The production speed is generally 50 to 80 boxes per minute, and it can reach 80 to 100 boxes per minute faster. Due to the influence of packaging materials, the packaging speed of intermittent packaging machines in my country has been maintained at only 35 to 100 boxes per minute, while the continuous structure of automatic packaging machines can maintain the packaging speed at about 180 boxes per minute.

Different types of tissue wrapping machines also have different speeds:

For example, the high-speed cartoning capacity of ordinary hose products can reach 180 ~ 200 boxes/minute, and a high-speed tissue packaging machine with 250 ~ 350 boxes/minute has been developed. The higher production capacity of the high-speed tissue packaging machine in the high-speed blister packaging line can also reach 200 boxes/min. And the production speed can be adjusted freely, suitable for different packaging production lines.