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What Is a Tissue Cutting Machine

A tissue cutter, also known as a paper cutter or tissue cutting machine, is a device specifically designed for cutting tissue paper, facial tissues, or related materials into desired sizes and shapes.

Tissue cutters are typically designed to handle large rolls or sheets of tissue paper.
They may include a cutting blade or a set of blades that can be adjusted to achieve the desired dimensions.

Cutting Mechanism:
The cutting mechanism can vary and may include rotary cutters, guillotine-style cutters, or other configurations.
Some tissue cutters use serrated blades to create a clean and precise cut.

Tissue cutters often have adjustable settings to accommodate different sizes and types of tissue products.
Operators can set the desired length and width of the cut, depending on the specific requirements of the tissue product being manufactured.


In modern manufacturing facilities, tissue cutting machines may be fully or semi-automated.
Automated systems can be programmed to cut tissues to specific dimensions, increasing efficiency and reducing the need for manual intervention.

Speed and Capacity:

Tissue cutters are designed to operate at high speeds to meet the production demands of tissue manufacturing.
The capacity of the cutter depends on factors such as the speed of the cutting process and the size and thickness of the tissue being cut.

Safety Features:

Safety features, such as guards and emergency stop mechanisms, are often incorporated to ensure the well-being of operators and prevent accidents.

Integration with Production Line:

Tissue cutters are usually integrated into the overall tissue manufacturing production line, working in conjunction with other machines and processes.