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What Is The Tissue Packaging Machine? How Many People Are Needed For A Small Operation?

The tissue packaging machine adopts Japanese technology and electrical components. It is a high-speed automatic packaging machine born by absorbing Japan's advanced technology and rich experience. The packaging speed of the machine is fast, and it can pack 60-160 bags per minute, which is more than 10 times of the manual packaging speed. This machine can be equipped with an automatic feeding device, which can be seamlessly connected with the slitting machine. The back of the tissue packaging machine can be connected to the toilet paper collection and packaging machine produced, which is fully automatic and does not require manual participation.

The paper towel packaging machine mainly adopts imported electrical components, Japan's Panasonic inverter, and Omron PLC. The main body of the tissue packaging machine is welded by 12 thick steel plates, and the stainless steel table has mechanical and photoelectric anti-cutting functions. The tissue packaging machine is controlled by a programmable logic controller (PLC), which reduces mechanical contacts, has a low system failure rate, and runs more stable and reliable; frequency conversion speed regulation, only need to turn the potentiometer knob connected to the inverter to change the packaging speed; The main box is welded with 12mm thick steel plate, and the internal stress is eliminated by post-weld heat treatment. The high-speed operation does not shake, the box body does not deform, and the machine life can reach ten years; the machine adopts the gear chain continuously variable transmission, and the length of the packaging bag can be changed by turning the handle; the digital display function can directly display the bag length, packaging speed, sealing temperature, output, etc.; bidirectional photoelectric tracking system can ensure that the film is cut at the required position, and the cutting point is accurate; automatic positioning and parking function to ensure that the film will not be scalded when the machine is parked. The leakage protection switch installed in this machine can ensure the safety of people and machines. The front end of the sealing knife is equipped with an emergency stop switch and a protective cover, which can prevent the operator from hurting his hands when operating by mistake.

So how many people does a small tissue packaging machine factory need to operate?

Small toilet paper factories need people, mainly equipment operators in the production process. Like ordinary small toilet paper mills, the machines used are tissue packaging machines, band saw cutters, and water-cooled sealing machines. The main functions of these three types of equipment are rewinding, slitting and sealing of toilet paper raw materials.

The tissue packaging machine and the cutting machine need one person to operate each other, one person packs the toilet paper into the packaging bag, and the other person seals the packaging. A total of 4 workers are needed for such a small toilet paper factory.

The above is a commonly used set of toilet paper processing equipment. If we choose a tissue packaging machine and a fully automatic rotary cutter for in-line production, plus a water-cooled sealing machine or a tissue packaging machine, then this configuration of the machine only requires two people to pack and seal at the back.

That said, the number of people used in a small toilet paper factory is closely related to the degree of automation of the equipment we use. The more automation, the fewer people we use.

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