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Zhejiang Onepaper Smart Equipment Is One Of Reliable Tissue Paper Cutter Suppliers

We are a professional tissue paper cutter supplier specialized in paperboard, tissue, and cardboard products. Our paperboard shape cutters are widely used in the packaging industry, stationery industry, gift industry, and all kinds of paper products.

The tissue paper cutter is a multifunctional paper works tool. It is mainly used for cutting tissue paper, but it can also be used for cutting different kinds of paper and other materials. The cutting edge of the tissue paper cutter is made of high-carbon chrome steel.

The knife edge is sharp and the knife can be set to cut a variety of paper thickness. The cutting edge is covered with a protective film to prevent the blade from being damaged. The protective film can be easily removed. The cutter head can be adjusted according to the length of the paper.

In order to make your own tissue paper, you should invest in a tissue paper cutter. The tissue paper cutter will allow you to quickly and easily make your own tissue paper shapes.

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