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Introduction To Sheet Folding Machine

According to the number of objects that can be folded at the same time each time, it can be divided into single-channel machines and multi-channel machines. The former can only fold one sheet or tablecloth at a time, and the latter can fold 2~4 small objects (such as small tablecloths, pillowcases, etc.) at the same time in addition to the single-channel function. Usually called two-channel machine or four-channel machine.

According to the maximum width of foldable sheets, it can be divided into: 2800mm, 3000mm and 3300mm.

According to the maximum length of the foldable bed sheet, it can be divided into: ≤4×800mm and ≤4×1100mm. This mainly depends on the maximum width of the folding machine that can be folded in the transverse direction. Commonly used folding machines at home and abroad generally have two maximum widths for horizontal folding, namely, ≤800mm and ≤1100mm. (For multi-folding machines, it is not listed here).