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What Should Be Done For The Maintenance Of The Automatic Removable Facial Tissue Folder?

What should be done for the maintenance of the automatic removable facial tissue folding machine? Below, the editor will give you a detailed introduction:

First check whether the pressure of the compressed air is normal and whether it meets the relevant requirements and standards. The automatic extraction type facial tissue folding machine is a finishing equipment in industrial washing machinery.

Second, in order to determine the normal operation of the machine, it is necessary to do the relevant origin treatment components, such as dealing with accumulated water, and observe whether the oil in the oil mist nozzle is sufficient.

Third, in order to keep the machine clean and normal, it should be possible to clean the surface of the machine regularly to ensure that there is no dust on the surface and the retainer is clean.

Fourth, inject the required lubricating oil to make the tension of the sprocket and chain appropriate. At the same time, it is best to regularly adjust the tightness of the conveyor belt.

5. Check the tightness of the joint, only by ensuring the tightness of each part, our equipment can work properly.

The features of the fully automatic removable facial tissue folding machine are as follows:

1. Adopt automatic folding technology combined with blowing knife.

2. The use of large-screen LCD intelligent control system.

3. The number of vertical and horizontal disassembly of the full Chinese computer man-machine dialogue interface can be freely programmed.

4. Adopt the double-wheel and double-speed length measuring system to shape and fold the linen at one time, and the size is not limited.

5. The running speed can be adjusted in a wide range, which can be matched with various ironing machines.

6. It has self-diagnosis function, single-link signal detection technology and perfect stable protection system.

7. The control computer adopts relay port output, no intermediate relay action is required, and maintenance is convenient.

8. Equipped with automatic static elimination device and stable protection switch, the work is stable.

Fully automatic removable facial tissue folding machine, which can realize electrical combination and fold tablecloths of different specifications, so that our folding work can be faster and better, and the quality is also certain, saving time and effort, the work of automatic tablecloth extraction facial tissue folding machine The process mainly includes:

1. Fold the soaked or wet tablecloth in half and put it on the conveyor belt. The fully automatic detachable facial tissue folding machine adopts a large-screen dot matrix LCD display and an intelligent control system, and has a good Chinese and English man-machine interface. It is widely used in restaurants, Army, school, textile, washing factory, bleaching and dyeing factory, printing and dyeing, silk, clothing, railway and aviation laundry factories and other industries, suitable for folding sheets, quilt covers, tablecloths, thread blankets and other fabrics.

2. The machine will automatically fold two or three times. The fully automatic paper towel folding machine adopts photoelectric switch control mechanism for action, frequency conversion and speed regulation, which not only has good running accuracy, but also saves energy and electricity.

3. After folding, the finished product is sent out, and the automatic extraction type facial tissue folding machine common types are automatic extraction type facial tissue folder Wet tissue extraction type facial tissue folding machine, etc.