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Performance Structure And Characteristics Of Face Towel Equipment

With the change of people's consumption concept, more and more people use disposable face towels. The face towel is actually a non-woven fabric, which has the characteristics of breathability, softness, lightness, moisture resistance and non-irritant. If you want to become a business partner of face towel, you should understand the parameters of face towel equipment. Then, let's take a look at the performance structure and characteristics of face towel equipment.

The performance structure and characteristics:

1. The working principle of the production machinery of face towel equipment: at the same time conveying, folding, punching, automatic winding and counting.

2. The sealing plate of the whole machine is made after spraying treatment.

3. The equipment adopts servo motor feeding, high precision, fast speed, fast control speed of frequency converter, reasonable wiring of electrical components, beautiful appearance, and simple operation.

4. The motion shaft system is convenient and fast, with sufficient tension, firmer than the traditional clamping shaft, with high precision and small error.

5. The equipment is equipped with a special spiral winding device, and the air pressure compresses the winding device for good winding.

6. The equipment is equipped with a continuously variable transmission, which is light and stable, and has low noise.

7. The equipment is equipped with a multifunctional folding machine innovatively designed by our factory, which can be folded neatly.

8. The whole machine has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, stable operation, standard counting, and accurate size of finished products.

Technical parameters:

Equipment model: facial towel production equipment.

Production speed: 60-100m/min.

Rated voltage: three-phase AC380V 50HZ.

Rated frequency: output AC220V/50HZ, DC24/internal buck.

Dimensions: 4390mm 1380mm 1800mm.

Equipment weight: 1500KG kg.

Applicable products: suitable for non-woven materials such as cotton soft towels, face towels, face towels, paper towels, beauty face towels, etc.

Note: The price varies depending on the batch and model of the product, please be sure to (leave a message or) call the salesperson before ordering. The specific price is subject to the telephone quotation, and can be processed according to customer requirements.

The above is the performance structure and characteristics of the face towel equipment. If you want to know more, you can contact us at any time! Our company has many years of experience. In the research and production of face towel equipment, we actively develop new functions, make up for problems in time, pursue perfection of products, and keep improving. The production quality is meticulous, and it has been strictly inspected when leaving the factory. It is also serious and responsible for after-sales service. If you have any questions, you can consult us at any time, and there will be professional customer service personnel to answer your questions. We look forward to your joining at any time.