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What Are The Common Faults Of Toilet Paper Packaging Machines?

Toilet paper packaging machines may encounter some common faults during use

Paper breakage problem:
The main reason: The paper tension is unstable or too large, causing breakage.
Check whether the paper pressure wheel is too tight and adjust the tightness appropriately.
Adjust the paper tension to make it stable and avoid being too large or too small.

Paper misalignment problem:
The main reason: machine transmission system failure or incomplete cleaning.
Check whether the machine transmission system, such as gears, chains and other components are loose or damaged, and replace and repair them in time.
Clean and maintain the machine regularly to remove debris or dust that may cause malfunctions.

Start capacitor failure:
Main symptoms: The packaging machine cannot start or starts abnormally.
Solution: Replace the starting capacitor in time.
Power board or fuse failure:
Main symptoms: The power supply of the packaging machine is unstable or cannot supply power.
Solution: Check the power board circuit and replace the fuse.

Paper feed proximity switch failure:
Main symptoms: The packaging machine cannot properly sense the position or quantity of paper.
Solution: Replace the paper feed proximity switch.
Bag pulling motor failure:
Possible reasons: There is a problem with the control board, wiring, stepper motor driver or bag proximity switch.
Solution: Check and replace related parts.

Packaging materials are easily broken:
Main reasons: Paper feed proximity switch failure, irregular packaging materials or paper feed position motor circuit failure.
Replace the paper feed proximity switch.
Trim out unqualified packaging materials.
Check and repair the motor circuit at the paper feed position.

The seal is not up to standard or not sealed:
Possible reasons: improper temperature setting, air pressure problem, packaging film problem.
Adjust temperature settings.
Check whether the air pressure is normal.
Check whether the packaging film is complete, excessively thick or folded.