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What Types Of Carton Packaging Machines Are There?

There are many types of carton packaging machines. Here are some common types:

Automatic carton forming machine and automatic carton unpacking machine: These equipment are used for automatic unboxing of large quantities of cartons, automatic folding of the lower lid, automatic sealing of the bottom tape and other assembly line operations. These machines are all controlled by PLC display screens and are easy to operate. They are indispensable equipment for automated large-scale production.
Carton printing and forming machines: including ordinary ink machine forming machines, semi-automatic printing and forming machines and fully automatic printing and forming machines, etc., used to print various patterns and text on cartons.
Paper separators, thin cutter machines, falling machines, carton nailing machines and carton gluing machines: These equipment are used for cutting, folding, stacking, fixing and other processes of cartons to help complete the forming and packaging of cartons.
Rotary grooving and forming machines, quadruple grooving machines and die-cutting machines: These machines are used for grooving and cutting cartons to facilitate folding and assembly of the cartons. Die cutting machines include flat die cutting, platform die cutting, round die cutting and other types.
Intermittent Cartoning Machine and Continuous Cartoning Machine: These are the two types of cartoning machines classified by technology. The intermittent cartoning machine stops and moves for one cartoning cycle, and the speed is generally below 75 boxes/minute. The continuous cartoning machine is an uninterrupted and continuous carton packaging machine. The speed is much higher than that of the intermittent cartoning machine, usually above 150 boxes/minute.
Vertical cartoning machine and horizontal cartoning machine: The difference between these two cartoning machines is the way the cartons are placed when the product is loaded. The vertical cartoning machine is a device for loading cartons while standing, while the horizontal cartoning machine is a device for loading cartons while they are lying flat.
Semi-automatic cartoning machine and fully automatic cartoning machine: These are two types of cartoning machines classified according to usage. Semi-automatic cartoning machines require manual participation in part of the operation, while fully automatic cartoning machines complete the cartoning process completely automatically.