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How To Find A Reliable Napkin Tissue Folding Machine When Start Bussiness Of Making Napkin

When you are starting a company, it is important to make sure that you are able to get the best machines for your product. If you are going to start a company that makes napkin tissues, you may decide to invest in a napkin tissue folding machine.

However, it is important to find a reliable napkin tissue folding machine that will be able to help you with your workflow. There are many different companies that can help you with this. 

One of these companies is Napkin Folding Machine. It is an online company that provides its clients with the best napkin tissue folding machines that are available. It offers many different machines to choose from, including a manual and a semi-automatic machine. It is important to find a reliable machine that can help you with your business.

Machine Features:

Facial tissue making machine working flow: The jumbo rolls which have been slit into the desired width are cut by the slitting cylinders, and then interfolded into inter overlapped rectangular facial tissue sheets.

This machine adopts independent servo motor drive, and automatic paper tension control automatic marking functions. It features of high speed, nice folding and easy operation.

1. Can order steel to rubber embossing rolls, pneumatically separated.

2. Wallboard rack and Machine running stability and extremely good and fast.

3. Pneumatic jumbo roll loading, pneumatic paper driving, stepless speed additionstment, and web tension control.

4. Equipped with roots type vacuum pump for stable running of the machine.

5. Make various products width as requirement.

6. Equipped with edge embossing unit to keep the plise together.

7. The machine will stop when the paper broken. It avoid waste caused by no paper or paper broken.

8. The web can be threaded on the machine by the two jog buttons, It's more safer and easier to thread the web.

Specification of Facial Tissue Folding Machine:

Machine Model: CS-190/6L (Other size to be specified)
Finished Products Unfolded Size: 95x(120-210)x2mm
Folding Products Size: 190x(120-210)x2mm
Raw Material Width: 1260mm
Raw Material Diameter: 1200mm
Raw Material Core Diameter: 76.2mm
Output Capacity (8 hours): 2000-3000kg
Embossing Unit: Steel to rubber
Edge Embossing: Steel to steel edge embossing, independent pneumatic regulation
Slitting Unit: Pneumatic slitting
Main Servo Moter Power: 5.5kw
Unwind Frequency Motor Power: 1.5kw (2 units)
Vacuum System: 18.5 kw Vacuum pump (Taiwan Roots blower)
Pneumatic System: 3HP air compressor,Min. pressure 5kg/cm2PA (Provider by user themselves)
Driving System: Timing belt
Dimension: 5870x2800x2207mm
Weight: About 5 tons